The Night the Bass Dropped (A Voguelike Party-Ditching Simulator) is, in equal measure, the perfect culmination of all my music visualization, motion capture, and procedural animation experience into one massive funky experiment, as well as an elaborate excuse to put the word "voguelike" in a name because it's the proudest I've been of a portmanteau since I thought of SLAMBURGERS! Are genres largely meaningless? Yes. Will I stop calling this thing a voguelike at every given opportunity? Never.

The objective of the game is to wiggle the joystick around and try to figure out which dancing robot in the crowd you’ve been randomly assigned, then vogue your way to the exit before the bass drops... or else.

The entire scene - including the crowd - reacts to the music, moving about and changing color and shape, forming a visceral soundscape which you must traverse in your constantly, eternally dancing robot body. Each crowd, room layout, and song is procedurally generated every time you play.

A playable build is on the way as soon as I can manage it, but I hope this short, immensely satisfying clip of the dancing robots very obediently following the command of MC Hammer is enough to tide you over:

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