SLAMBURGERS! is a (very work in progress) local multiplayer wrestling game for 1 to 4 hungry friends.
It was originally a simple proof of concept for the procedural animation system I've been designing, but it got so much attention that I had to take it further! Current finished mechanics include: Wibbling! Wobbling! Flipping! Flopping! Slamming! Jamming! Dropkicking! Showboating! Aaaaand *discrete* wink control! We're talking 1:1 button/eye ratio here, folks. The power has never been more directly in the player's hands.

Upcoming additions for the near-ish future include full burger topping customization through an in-game restaurant menu, multiple gameplay modes and alternate maps, a completely original soundtrack and squishy burger impact noises, weapons, style points, and of course, CHEESEBURGER SUPLEXES. Naturally.

I'll have an early playable build on posted here soon, but in the meantime, here's a quick and dirty, unfairly one-sided example match I recorded for GDC 2018 (most of this is placeholder, just FYI):

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