Healthy Breakfast is a first-person surrealist puzzler about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.
It features everything from non-Euclidean geometry, to mischievous lawn flamingos, to extremely topical Windows 95 screensaver references, to the Third Eye of a massive beheaded sentinel that lets you unveil the truth behind the walls of this impossible neon cathedral.

It was the most popular game on for a good while, and was also the subject of some very positive Waypoint coverage. Is this game special enough to me that I may have gotten a tattoo related to it? Who's to say?

Psssstt... a little birdy told me to tell you to keep an eye out for the full-fledged, all-out, fancy shmancy promotional trailer in the works! You won't want to miss it, but it'll be right on this page so it's very easy not to!

Your free game download link - should you choose to accept it - is directly below:

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