Hey, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!
I'm Aidan, a game developer, tech artist, voice actor, and all-around artsy fartsy type from Chicago, Illinois.

When I'm not petting dogs, eating brunch,* or getting new tattoos, most of my spare time goes towards creating playful, colorful, accessible little interactive things that bring some small measure of joy into the world. 
If you have any questions about my work, want to learn more about my creative experience, or just feel like seeing me post sporadic GIFs of winking hamburger wrestlers amidst an endless sea of political retweets and dog pics, you can find me frolicking about in these parts of the internet:

Email: aidan.a.walsh@gmail.com
Twitter: @BarlesCharkley3

You can download a PDF of my resume here, or view an image of it below.
I hope to talk to you soon, have a great day!

*brunch is not a time, it is a state of mind, an attitude, and a way of life, please do not be reductive about this on my internet, thank you
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